Hotel Kidnap Session 2023

Hotel Kidnap Session 2023


The journey to London for me had felt long, so I’d spent the first half hour of my stay in the room of my hotel not really doing a lot beyond idly scrolling through my phone. That’s when the unexpected knock at the door came. I was all fingers and thumbs all at once; when I finally made it to the door to look through the peephole, the sight was completely black. This put me instantly on edge, without knowing why.

I opened the door to find Mistress Pip and Mistrix Kali waiting expectedly. Involuntarily stepping back, they stepped forward and Mistrix Kali pounced. My arms were twisted behind my back, I was pushed face down on the bed, and a hand covered my eyes whilst I heard the word “blindfold” uttered. The blindfold put on was an effective one – it let in very little light at all. This was how I was to spend the next, oh I have no idea how many minutes. Half an hour? 45 minutes? It’s weird what it does to you sense of time.



I was pinned down, and an unrelenting hand covered my mouth.

In no time, I was stripped, tied up on the bed, face up, legs and arms tied intricately to allow very little movement. Mouth gagged, gag then tightened, and blindfolded, of course. My kidnappers actually said very little; sometimes I could hear whispers, but not much more. I think they were going in and out of the bathroom, so I gradually tried wriggling about a little to test my bonds and seeing if I could make any noise. I couldn’t, to either, and all it got me was a stern rebuke to keep quiet. After an indeterminate time had passed, one of them sat on time of me – something that may have been pegs were put on my toes and balls! My cock was put in a chastity cage, which was a genuinely new turn-on! It also really began to sink in just what a predicament I was in.

The teasing and torture started more gently, giving me something of a false sense of security about what might be in store.

One memorable moment was when my darkness was temporarily alleviated when my blindfold was pulled down – very very slightly. Just enough to gaze into Mistrix Kali’s eyes and steal a quick look at Mistress Pip, before returning to darkness.

I knew I was going to be in some trouble when they told me they were going to tie me spreadeagled to the bed, and in no time, I was very securely roped up. My gag was replaced with a more secure one but my blindfold was taken off “for five minutes” and I got to really see my captors for the first time. It took my breath away, because they were both gorgeous, but also a contrast for each other. Mistress Pip had long brown slightly curly hair and red lipstick; Mistrix Kali had long black hair, shaved around the side and with black lipstick. There’s no other word, they were both stunning. Just stunning.



What followed was the most prolonged tickle torture I’ve ever been subjected to!

If you’re ticklish, but think you can take a reasonable amount, then I just can’t describe to you just what torture this was!! I screamed and screamed into my gag, which got it tightened, and also got Mistress Pip’s hand clamped over it to muffle me some more. They tickled my stomach, my legs, under my arms, my stomach, my chest…. relentlessly. They used their fingers, their fists, they even tickled me with their feet and hands at the same time! I was tickled until it hurt, if that’s even possible, and then tickled some more. It did eventually dawn on me that they just weren’t going to stop because I was suffering; they were going to stop when they got bored.

Things took a change of pace for a bit when they decided to feminise me.

They had come prepared! They found they I had been wearing silky black knickers when they removed my jeans, which got me a rebuke from Mistress Pip for not wearing something more colourful. They removed my gag whilst instructing me strictly not to speak, and then got to work with a make-up kit whilst I was spreadeagled to the bed. I can’t do them enough justice – they really really did put a lot of effort into trying to make me look more feminine! This was no rush job, a lot of care and attention went in. They added a wig and showed me the results! I didn’t really ever think I could look very feminine, but this was a good job. I was transformed, and mocked for what they had turned me into.


We had an unexpected moment of therapy after that, where they quizzed me on my preferences, my life and all in between. Isn’t a captive supposed to resist something like that? I found myself burbling out everything I could think of in my replies. I didn’t realise at the time but I was already in awe of both of them.

When they had had enough of me talking, I was gagged again and roped up for a spanking, my knickers pulled right up to expose my bare arse for punishment.


I caught a glimpse of the gag in a mirror, and realised it had a belt buckle across it, and it just did something to reinforce how securely I was tied, how little noise I could make, how helpless I was. I was secured to a chair and had electricity pulsing through my cock and balls, again Mistress Pip’s hands keeping my mouth tightly shut against the moaning and whimpering noises. Pegs were put on my nipples, and they stayed there. Mistrix Kali went through my bag and wallet, mocking me for the grey and boring individual I projected to the outside world. Yet it was interspersed with some more tender moments, like when Mistrix Kali decided to paint my nails! They even ordered room service, keeping me tied up and gagged, out of sight whilst they enjoyed what they had.


I was interrogated some more and forced to role-play to amuse them whilst they tortured me, a test I completely failed when my mind dried up, getting me punished even more. When they put me in wrestling holds and ordered me to try and escape, I was a complete wreck. Needless to say I couldn’t, and even if I hadn’t been completely destroyed, I doubt I would have overcome them. They just hold me in place, held my mouth shut and mocked me for how much power they had over me.

I had completely lost all track of time when they blindfolded me and put me out of sight again.

I think they got showered and changed, but my mind was gone. Even when my blindfold was ripped off, and the lights switched off, it took me a good ten minutes to realise they’d gone! I didn’t dare move for such a long time, and they had deliberately left quietly to keep me in that state. By the time I’d found my room card key and managed to put the lights back on, I felt like a hurricane had gone through my life over the last four hours. My hotel room had become my prison cell in a matter of seconds, and just like that, had gone back to being a hotel room once more.

But it wasn’t quite as easy as that, because I felt utterly breathless for hours. I restored some order to the room, did my best to remove my make-up and nail paint, and counted my bruises and scratches. It’s not left me yet, and I suspect it won’t for a while, but what a truly amazing experience! Held hostage, made helpless and tormented with no chance of escape. I don’t think they felt anything but contempt for me, but I craved their attention. How strange to feel sorry that they’d gone! But I really did feel it, and wished they’d come back again. I hope I’ll see them again sometime soon.