Tinder Date Surprise: SPH and cuckolding fantasy Sept 2019

Tinder Date Surprise: SPH and cuckolding fantasy Sept 2019

Tinder Date Surprise: SPH and cuckolding fantasy

D: “I approached the address, nervous yet excited. I was going to meet someone who I had been chatting to on Tinder for about a week. Her name is Pip. I was a few minutes early, so I began to slow my pace.


My phone vibrated in my pocket making me jump. It was Pip. ‘Hi D, Really looking forward to our lunch date. Just letting you know I am running ten minutes late.’

I walked at a more normal pace three times around the same block, before taking a deep breath and approaching the address I had been given. The door was answered very quickly as if the person had been waiting right behind it. I gasped.

No turning back now

“Hi, I am Pip’s friend. She is still getting ready so how about you come in and wait?”

I went in and sat down. There was no sign of Pip. Myself and the friend started chatting. Things began normally. But after about 10 minutes the friend started saying very worrying things about how Pip is extremely fussy when it comes to men she dates. I become increasingly nervous and wondered if I had made a mistake in coming.

Her friend then suggested we go to another room to wait for Pip and laughed that Pip always takes a long time to get ready, so we may as well wait somewhere more comfortable. I attempted to resist, but she was forceful and strong. So I followed her upstairs to a bedroom.

We sat on the bed. She sat very close to me. I became very anxious.

“You know” she said “Pip only dates men with really big cocks. How big is your cock? Because, quite frankly you don’t look like the sort of guy she would be interested in”

Double Domination

My breathing rate increased and before I knew it she grabbed my cock and balls firmly in one hand. She was very disappointed with the size of them and started verbally abusing me and increasing her grip.

She dragged me off my seat by the balls and before I knew it I had been attacked by a second person from behind. The second person grabbed my arms behind my back and held me tightly in a headlock.

“Did you ever thing I would be interested in dating a guy as pathetic as you?”

Small Penis Humiliation

I was stripped of my clothes and possessions, including my wallet and £2000 and my balls were crushed whenever I resisted. The second person, who I now recognised as Pip, started humiliating me about the size of my penis.

Both girls becoming increasingly rough and offensive. There was barely a moment to admire their short skirts and high heels in between the verbal and physical bullying.

They produced two huge dildos and explained that they only fuck guys with big cocks and I would have no chance of having sex with them or satisfying any woman for that matter. They took photos of my tiny balls and penis and laughed at my expense.


I was strung up to the ceiling with my legs spread and tortured for the size of my cock. After what felt like hours I was starting to break. The verbal humiliation was constant and fierce. The next thing I know I am spread eagled on the bed and they both start to interrogate me about my wife and our sex life. Any times I do not answer immediately I was punished and eventually I was forced into admitting that my wife cuckholds me. The next couple of hours were spent squeezing out every detail about who my wife fucks in front of me, in what positions and how it makes me feel.

I had no idea this tinder date would result in being dominated by two Mistresses who seemed to be turned on by bullying and abusing me.