Kidnap Review December 2020

Kidnap Review December 2020
The kidnap was on my mind for weeks beforehand, counting down the weeks, days, hours. It was dark when the hour approached, and despite fast moving cars in the distance, the immediate area was deserted. My eyes adjusted to the light and I paced about, wondering from which direction the attack would come. A van pulls up nearby – surely….? But nothing immediately happens. I’m not sure in which direction to look.

The takedown was swift. Two pairs of strong hands seize me and voices whisper menacingly in my ear. My head is forced down, I am half-marched and half dragged towards the van, paused just outside to cuff my hands behind my back. One of my attackers gets into the front, one with me in the back but my head is held down and I am hooded; I haven’t yet laid eyes on my abductors. The van speeds away. The snatch can’t have taken more than 40 seconds. The hood blocks out all sight.

The interrogation starts right away. I hadn’t really had any sort of game plan in advance, hadn’t thought to clean out my wallet or leave my phone at home. Very, very quickly, my abductor cleans out my pockets and knows everything about me, and who I know. It doesn’t take much infliction of pain before she has the pin for my phone. She doesn’t have to administer much; there is enough menace that I know she can and will ramp it up until she gets what she wants. A ballgag is shoved in, and my helplessness is complete. I am bound, gagged, blindfolded and being transported. The interrogation doesn’t stop, it just moves on to very credible blackmail threats which I am powerless to respond to.

The van stops and I hear a handbrake being pulled – the driver’s door opens and shuts. My interrogator also leaves the vehicle and covers me with a blanket, with a threat of what will happen if I dare to move. How long passes? Then the door opens and my abductors both get in. A strict set of instruction follow. Then the hood is removed and after a moment to adjust, I look at my kidnappers. The first thing that struck me was how different they looked – one with long, light coloured hair and is mocking, the other is dark and threatening, with a hoodie pulled up. Mistress Pip and Mistress Kali smile menacingly.
Even without the threats, I am held very securely, no chance of escape. My arms are pinned behind my back by Mistress Pip; once we get completely out of public view, the hood is instantly put back in place by Mistress Kali. There are already photos of my predicament, some on my own phone – I am completely at their mercy. I am led inside, but with the hood, am none the wiser after that. Here I am stripped of all my clothes and the Mistresses focus very much that I am wearing bright pink knickers underneath; they tease and threaten, take pictures for blackmail if I don’t do as they say. I am left wearing only these, everything else is taken away. The hood is pulled up just enough to shove a plug gag in, my hands are bound behind my back, and I am walked into a standing cage, which is locked, then the lights are switched off whilst they leave the room. I manage to orientate myself as to where the front of the cage is, but that is all I know; securely bound, tightly gagged, the hood obscuring everything in a dark room, left wearing only a pair of pink knickers in a standing cage. I have never felt more controlled.
It felt like an eternity whilst I waited, anticipating and fearing at the same time what might be coming next. I’ve heard that with all senses obscured, your sense of time is completely thrown off. I can make out when the lights come back on, but still know nothing about the room I’m in. Finally, they stand in front of the cage; I can hear them teasing me relentlessly. The hood is removed and I stare at my captors. My jaw might have hit the floor had it not been for the gag; they had got changed and made up, and they both looked absolutely stunning. I found it difficult to know where to look; at one of them or the other whilst they relentlessly teased me. I spent a lot of time looking at the floor whilst they got inside my head. The blackmail threats, my life, my career, my relationships, the knickers I was wearing, the size of my cock. My hands were uncuffed, and recuffed over my head; I squirmed as I knew what was coming.
What followed was no less relentless. I was alternately tickled, prodded, spanked, tortured with a pinwheel, nipples relentlessly squeezed. When I was taken out of the cage, they decided they wanted to make me up, and I was forced into stockings, a wig and a lot of make-up (I was surprised and pleased with the result!). I was tickled mercilessly, over and over. When I kicked and squealed, they just held me down and tickled all the more. I was tied down and my senses utterly overloaded, as my mouth was held shut and I was edged and edged. They took it in turns. I was given a well needed break to catch my breath, before they came back and carried on. I always felt utterly controlled and submissive; even when I had to visit the bathroom, I was securely blindfolded and led. I wasn’t going anywhere until they’d finished with me.

This was an absolutely brilliant kidnap and domination session. I’ve never known six hours to fly by so quickly and in so much ecstasy. They were an absolutely brilliant pair, stunning and ruthless, I felt so drained by the end but with a huge smile on my face. I can’t recommend it enough. These ladies are just fantastic.