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London Kidnap Mistresses


Some of our kidnap scenarios:


The Remote Woodland Snatch

It’s late and it’s dark. You’re alone and scared. Every slight noise sends shivers down your spine as you wait in fear and anticipation of what lies ahead. You see some car head lights that appear to be coming towards you, closer and closer, your heart beats faster and faster. Not knowing what will happen. It was nothing, the car passes. You take a deep breath, until….

An unexpected Airport Chauffeur

You have had a long flight, you collect your luggage and make your way through the sterile airport. A very familiar procedure that you have done so many times that you are acting on auto pilot. But as you approach the exit, the realisation of what you have let yourself in for escalates beyond your comfort level, as ahead of you stand two beautiful, strong women, ready to chauffeur to your hotel. Or will you end up somewhere far more exhilarating and surprising, on the ride of your life?

The Honey Trap

You are trying to mind your own business, but there’s an unfamiliar looking attractive lady ahead of you,  who catches your eye. She starts to approach you. As she gets closer you see the distress in her eyes. “Can you help?” How could you refuse her? And how could you ever guess what you are letting yourself in for.

The Wrong Door

You knock on an innocent looking door. You have come for a training session at the venue. Or that’s you you think. We are waiting for you and will attack and capture you at the perfect moment.

The Date

The evening starts in a nice restaurant with food and drinks. We will make you feel relaxed and sexy as we flirt with you and entice you back to our place. The build up is intoxicating and your eyes shine with excitement. But once we are back to our place you are in for one hell of a surprise.